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Baker Bounce

5-13-5 Taishido Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
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A few blocks down the street from the (famous?) Gorilla Bldg. intersection on Chazawa Dori is Baker Bounce. The interior aims for a classic American style diner, but really just seems like an older building with a mish mash of classic American memorabilia placed in seemingly random locations.

Baker Bounce, however, does serve American diner food, with a decent selection of sandwiches on the menu - but the restaurant's claim to fame is in its burgers. They offer the classic hamburger combinations you'd expect in addition to some strange (but delicious) combinations, such as the ratatouille burger. As a bonus, burgers here are served with legitimate thick-slab bacon - a rarity in Tokyo. Try one out and wash it down with a beer - Baker Bounce's selection is a bit more obscure with bottles of Brooklyn Lager and Saxer Lemon available.

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