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Toukou White Bldg. 1F 2-11-9 Ebisu-Nishi Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
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Owned and operated by Yazawa Meats, Blacows sits roughly halfway between Ebisu Stn and Daikanyama Stn, where its distinguishing feature is the use of kuroge wagyu (black hair - hence the restaurant's name) beef. The shop has sandwiches as part of its menu, but the real specialty here are its burgers.

Part of the sell here is the freshness - cattle tag numbers for day's beef are scrawled on a chalkboard and patties are assembled as they are ordered, and are surprisingly not fatty at all. The menu provides a selection of standard burgers, but customers are free to customize their toppings - each with an associated cost, of course. To top things off, the buns used for the burgers were created in collaboration with Maison Kayser.

Included in:

a short recommendation guide to the city
Tokyo Burger
Tokyo Burger
some of the best burgers in town
Tokyo Recommendations
Tokyo Recommendations


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