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Fujiya Honten Grill Bar

4-18-1 Taishido Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
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Opened in 2011 as a branch of the original Fujiya Honten located in Shibuya, this standing bar is a popular spot in Sangenjaya and gets quite busy at around 20:00 as bar-goers head here from directly from work.

The building was previously used as an indoor tsuribori (Japanese fishing hole) and is evident from the old sign left intact, as well as the bar counter following the shape of the old fishing area. Seats are available, but go in expecting to be standing as there are only four tables in the entire bar.

Both the drink and French-themed food menus are reasonably priced, where wine is typically the drink of choice, due to the large available selection. All-in-all, a great place to start off your night in Sangenjaya.

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